Goods being the produce or manufacture of an ASEAN member country that is a specified party to any other trade agreement or closer economic partnership agreement with Australia may be entered under those agreements. The rules of origin that set the criteria for the preferential rate will be those of the agreement under which the claim is made.

How to find your HS code

The FTA tariff schedules use the Harmonised Commodity Description and Coding System (HS Code).
You can find your HS Code by:

  • Using the tariff finder with a keyword to do a search on your product.
  • Applying for an advance ruling for tariff classification from Customs

How to search using your HS Code

To use your HS Code to find a product, type in at least the first 4 digits of your 8 or 10 digit HS Code, with no spaces between the digits.

How to search using keywords

If you do not know the HS Code for your product, you can enter a description of your product, for example 'apples'. Enter multiple keywords, for example, 'dried apples', to get fewer, more specific results.

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Please be aware that Australia also has Free Trade Agreements (FTA) in place with Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand. You should consult tariff schedules for these markets to see if the benefits under those FTA's may be better for your product/service.